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Our Services

At Daniels The Jewellers we have jeweller on site. This means that we are able to offer fast, high quality repairs. Some of the on site services that we provide are:

- Buy back or pawnbrokering services

- We buy lots of different items, usually above scrap value - best prices in town!

- A credit scheme. Pay for the item you want in installments with no interest added and no time limit.

- We buy and sell euros and US dollars at a competitive rate

- Written valuations

- Ring sizing for gold, Platinum, palladium and silver rings

- Soldering broken gold and silver 

- Watch battery replacement

- Watch strap repair and replacement

- Replacing missing stones in jewellery

- Rhodium white gold jewellery


Off site services also include:


- Clock repairs

- Hand engraving

- Making a piece of jewellery - Bespoke designs made with the help of a specialist 

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