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Limited Edition Darth Vader Pewter Figurine by Royal Selangor.

Size: H23.5cm including base x 17cm x 12cm

A limited edition of 5,000 individually numbered pieces worldwide.

The impact of Star Wars on popular culture has made Darth Vader one of the world’s most iconic villains and a synonym for evil, helped in no small part by the character’s intimidating appearance.

The Sith Lord’s unmistakeable armoured suit, from the helmet, skull-like mask and the ribbed full-shoulder pauldron, to the chest’s life-support regulator panel, quilted body suit, gauntlets and combat boots are replicated in polished pewter.

Pop into store to see the figurine in person l.

Limited Edition Darth Vader Pewter Figurine

SKU: ES6970A
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